Click here to hear IvyWhat about the cuckold experience or fantasy turns you on the most? Is it
the idea that you can’t and will never be able to please your wife the way
she deserves so she has to seek out other means to feed her sexual needs? Is
it watching the big studdly man with a cock twice your size take control of
your wife?

Do you get turned on by the idea of her moaning and screaming his name
loudly, while all at the same time watching you?

I bet it is all of the above. And for most, I think there is much more to

I think that many times when you are sitting in the corner stroking your
pathetic little cock. You are not just turned on by what he is doing to your
wife, you are turned on by the idea of him doing that same thing to you.

You act just like a kid in a candy store waiting your turn in line to get
the sloppy seconds. It is the only time you are worthy to play. After all,
you’ve only been deemed worthy to hold her dirty panties while they are
having rough, hard, kinky, sex. You may even be allowed to stroke your
little clitty into her panties as you watch…and as you fantasize.

Who can blame you? When her lover’s cock is pulled out you can see her
wetness dripping off. And you can’t wait to suck it off.

Even if you have doubts about your cuckold relationship…don’t you know you
were never able to please your wife? The times you thought she did…she faked
it. She deserves a man that can stretch it out. She wants to be dominated by
a real man and in turn dominate him.

There are many naughty thoughts and fantasies that run through your mind
with cuckold. What aspect turns you on the most?

~*~ Empress Ivy ~*~

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