You have been such a good cuckie. Learning your place in the world and how
much more important I am than you. How much more important my orgasm is
than yours! Today we are going to work on things you can do to keep me
happy. As my cuckold it is more than just watching me fuck some hot stud.

For one why don’t you find a suitable play partner for me. That’s right,
go out there and troll for a hot young thing for me to play with.

Another thing you can do is all the prep work. You know exactly what I
mean don’t you. Oh yes, get on your knees and suck that cock till it is
nice and rock hard for me! Hold my feet up high as he fucks me. Stay close
to the action. Then of course we have the clean up… ALL the cum. If he
fucks me through the backdoor yup, you better clean that out to.

And I would like to see this as a regular thing not just a romp here and
a romp there. That’s right. I want you to see your place right at my feet.
So tomorrow morning I want you to get up early and make me breakfast.
Stroke your worthless cock in the corner  knowing full well that it will
never fully satisfy me again.

In the meantime, before you find a new proper stud for me I want you to
practice deep throating. Use that dildo I bought for you. Yes, get down on
your knees and practice. They say practice makes perfect!


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