Oh, poor cuck! Did you think that this night really would not happen, that she would change her mind? She did not, and here you are staring at her while she is staring at his gorgeous cock! She wants its long thickness all to herself.  She remarks that it is so much nicer than yours. Do you still think this will not happen? Silly cuck!

All this time she has been training you to be her cuckold, and you did not even know it, not one bit! She has been taking you out to clubs, not so she could dance, but so she could check out all of the hot meat in those steamy bars. She wants to do a different kind of dance tonight! Yet, you say you had no idea, that you are just a poor, unknowing cuck.  I find that amusing!

I mean think about it. She stopped having any kind of sex with you months ago! She stopped wanting you to touch her a long time ago. Sure, she put up with it for a bit, but then shut you off completely. Then the club time began. I know you saw her checking out the scenery; the hot male scenery.

Oh, don’t be sad! I know you are such a poor unknowing cuck. But I do know what can help you! I can help you when you become my recruit here at cuckold bootcamp! I know exactly how to pick up where she left off. I can train you to be such a good cuckold. I can teach you to serve her and her hot, hung lover. I can train you to understand your place, and to be a helpful, humble, and submissive cuckold.

~ Ms. Delia ~

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