We start our evening with a warm bubble bath. You and one end I at the other. You wash my legs and massage my feet. You are helping me to relax. You help me from the warm bath wrapping me in a warm soft body towel.

You place me on the edge of the bed, drying my body from head to toe. Starting at my feet you begin to massage the lilac creamy lotion into my feet. Rubbing up my calves to my thighs. Turning me over and massaging my nice round ass up to the small of my back. Rubbing all the way up to my shoulders. Ahhhh what a nice way to relax me for my long hard evening.

Next you stand me in front of our wall to wall mirror. You start by lifting one foot at a time placing nice soft imported nylons up my soft little toes. Pulling them all the way up to my mid thigh. Pulling my garter belt up. Placing it firmly on my waste and hooking the nylons. Slipping my freshly nylon feet through my silky black lacey panties. Pulling them up to fit snuggly around my nice round ass. Slipping my beautiful black push up bra up my arms to clasp around my silky smooth back. Placing your lips on my shoulders. Encouraging me to continue getting sexed up for my long hard evening.

Now slipping my long smooth nylon legs through a beautiful black dress. Low in the front and low across my shoulders. Placing it all the way up, it barely covers up to my mid thigh. Showing off my sexy black thigh highs.

Make-up and hair just perfect from an earlier salon appointment. The final part of our evening together will be you slipping my perfect heels on my beautiful feet. They are the perfect kind, the fuckable kind.

Now my lovely sweet man when I walk out of the front door with my real man date, I want you waiting for me to return. Don’t sleep and don’t go out. You must stay right where I leave you. You have to know about every minute of my enjoyment. I will give you full details when I return. I can’t wait.

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