Come here sweetheart I have something I need to discuss with you. I
know we agreed to get married but I have something I need to confess
to you. I absolutely love and adore you and think you are incredibly
smart and wonderful. You are the love of My life and I wouldn’t want
anyone else but you. I love waking up next to you in the morning and
going to bed next to you at night. I enjoy snuggling up against you
all through out the night and feeling your legs bump up against Me.
You are more then just My best friend, you are My everything.

There’s just one thing. Ever since I started masturbating with dildos
larger than you, I have lost the sensation I used to feel when we have
sex. It’s really all the fault of the sales clerk. It was his idea to
stretch My pussy. I am only using a seven inch dildo but being two
inches larger than you it Really makes a big difference doesn’t it?
Well, when I went to the adult store to buy another dildo to enjoy, I
was talked into getting a nine inch. The salesperson was very
convincing telling Me that I could in fact handle it and it would feel
incredible to take such a large cock in My pussy. He was even more
convincing than before. It’s so strange how proud he was of Me for
taking the two inches larger than you that he felt I would feel twice
as happy to take something even larger.

You know what honey?

He was correct. It is even better than I thought possible. There is
only one thing I can think of that would feel better then the 9 inch
dildo and I am so excited I can hardly contain myself.
Can you imagine what that is sweetheart?

He will be here in about an hour and I want you to be here to watch
and assist Me in taking it.
Want More sweetheart?
Would you like to be My husband sitting in the corner watching?

~ Simone ~

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