You notice something is different about me today. There is a devious
quietness about me all day that slightly un-nerves you.

At 7 pm I take you upstairs, silently as I ignore your pleas of “what is
going on?’. You begin to feel an anxiety growing inside of you as I set you
on a chair I have placed next to the bed. I start to strip while you watch
in silence. Underneath my clothes are a stunning sheer LaPerla bra and
panty set. Color: Pale Pink.

You reach for me as I slap your hand away and utter the words that strike
you to the core.

“It’s not yours anymore.”

And then you hear it. A key in the front door. Heavy footsteps coming up
the stairs. The bedroom door opens and a man walks in. Tall, ebony,
muscular. You are shocked, start to speak – but my sharp look takes the
words right out of your mouth. You know that you must sit. Take it all in
as he wraps his arms around me and bends down to drink a long kiss from my
pretty pink lips.

I moan softly, as does he as I tell him that I missed him so. That I am so
happy that we are no longer going to keep us a secret. You protest – I
laugh. You feel stuck to the chair as I slowly undress him in front of your
eyes – first his shirt, then I unbuckle his pants. You can’t help feeling
an arousal you never thought possible as I unleash his black cock and take
it in both of my hands and start to stroke it.

Your hands unzip your own pants as you realize I will never be doing it to
you again. You are no longer the king in this castle.

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