Hi there cuckies. Have you been thinking about your wife and her lover
lately? LOL you should be. You know when she tells you that she is out with her friends she is really out with her lover. Why else would she come home walking funny, moist panties and hair frazzled? You know why she does it right? Because she wants a man that has a huge, throbbing cock and she wants that pussy of hers stretched out.

Unfortunately for you, you just don’t do that for her. All those nights of moaning and groaning…she was faking it. It’s true, and you know it’s true don’t you.

But, it doesn’t upset you that she is sleeping around does it? It turns you on to the point that you actually want to be a part of it. You want to be right in the room watching them fuck, watching how much she enjoys being treated like a slut. But, do you know what your job is?

I think for a husband the job is quite simple:

· You can hold your wife’s panties while she’s getting it on with
her lover. If you’re lucky she may let you smell them and even jerk your cock with them.

· You can be required to fluff her lover just before. You will touch him, suck him, hell maybe even let him fuck you.

· You may be expected to get her wet before insertion. Of course the only way for you to get her wet is to lick her and eat her out.

· You can guide her lover’s cock into her and then watch closely

· You can sit in the chair and watch them while you stroke your cock
· You can be the towel boy…cleaning up the mess afterwards,
finishing him off or sucking his load out of her.

There are a few other things I’m sure you, as the cuckie husband, would be required to do. But, none of it is difficult. I will teach you how to be a good cuckie husband show you the ropes, if you are a quick learner, I’ll even teach you how to pick out your wife’s next lover.

Until Next time cock stroker,

Empress Ivy

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