It takes a special type of man to be my cuckold, first and foremost you must understand your place with me. Your here to serve me and please me in any fashion I so choose, and serving me includes my lovers I am sure you dont mind that now do you cuck? Next you need to give up any illusions that you will be seen as a man, because my dear cuck you are NOT a man your simply a cuckold.

As my cuckold you shall prepare me for my lovers, starting with my shower being sure to pamper your mistress as she so truly deserves. The items you will lay out for me to wear are not for your enjoyment and you should remember that when picking these items out, they are for my REAL MANS pleasure. You will be sure that you have the house ready for my return home with my lover, including lighting the candles, opening the wine and preparing my bed.

Once I arrive home with my lover your to disrobe me for him, yes just lie presenting me to him to have as only a Real Man could, and then you will prepare him undressing him and of course fluffing his cock for me, and once it is hard and ready you will not only watch me be taken by a Real Man but you will also help him to fuck me, that’s right guide his cock into me….and then well then you get to wait on your knees as my lover pleases me in ways you could never be able to.

As you wait you will listen and pay attention to what a Real Man does to a woman and see exactly where you fall short, not only are you just average in the cock department but you could never take control and behave as he does, your simply not worthy now are you cuck? When the time comes that we have enjoyed each other sharing orgasm after orgasm together you will take your place between my legs and do the only job suitable for a cuckold such as you…..clean my pussy being sure to get every last drop of that Real Mans cum.

So tell me are you ready to be MY cuckold? Do you have what it takes to please your mistress?

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