So here’s how it went.

You are coming home from work, and you see me there. I am your wife’s best
friend. But, you don’t see your wife…do you? Instead you’re greeted by
me…with a devilish grin. You hear moaning coming from the bedroom…and your
heart drops.

Don’t play coy with me dear. You know EXACTLY what your wife has been up to.
You’ve seen her come home late at night, hair disarray…walking funny. Hell,
you’ve attempted on several occasions to get into her pants just to find out
she’s already wet…her panties were moist, and she was a little looser than
she should’ve been.

You hear her moans and you hear the bed creaking. So you’ll follow me, I’ll
take you down the hall and to your bedroom and slam open the door

There is your wife, on her hands and knees being taken by the tall sexy man
with a huge throbbing cock. You always though your wife to be more
conservative, more reserved…never in your life have you seen her this kinky;
her lover calling her names, pulling her hair, smacking her on the ass. Her
eyes will lock on yours as she screams his name.

~haha~ and you can sit in the chair and watch. This site doesn’t anger you.
I can see the swelling in your pants. You can sit in this cock stroking
chair and watch your wife get fucked again and again by her lover…in
different positions…multiple times.

And I will point and laugh at you.

Don’t try and deny it, you’ve been begging for this all along. Your wife and
I wanted you to catch her. Now you can enjoy yourself, enjoying her…enjoying
her lover.

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