Hey, cuck-a-doodle dos. I know how much you love to discuss your cuck
fantasies with the beautiful women here. But the one thing your missing in
those calls is, perhaps, the most crucial ingredient to your fantasy: the
alpha male to fuck your wife or girlfriend. If you truly want to commit to
cuckold boot camp training, you’ve got to submit not only to the women, but
also to the big dog. While it’s always fun to come into an established cuck
relationship, it’s really exciting to be part of creating one.

I love seeing that mix of fear and excitement in the eyes of the cuck (or
hearing it in his voice on calls) as he considers turning his fantasies into
reality. Sometimes it’s about his trying to get up the nerve and sometimes
it’s about trying to convince his woman to go for it. Women, God bless them,
are just too damn nice sometimes. That’s where I come into the equation.
When faced with the actuality, I’m very good at convincing those women to
take a walk on the wild side. And, of course, once they’ve had a real man,
with a real dick, it’s game over.

Once I’m in your life, everything will change. You will no longer be the
lord of the manor (if you actually ever were.) I will. Sure, we’ll take you
into consideration. Usually in relation to how much we can humiliate you.
For some, it’s sitting in the corner, wanking your pathetic little dick,
while I fuck your woman like you could never fuck her. For others, it’s more
intimate, seeing the action up close and personal; perhaps cleaning up
afterwards. For still others, they want in on the action. They wanna know,
first hand, what it’s like to have a real man’s cock, just like I’m giving
it to their woman.

Whatever the case, I can satisfying that burning need. Call me and we can
discuss all the dirty details. Or, better still, choose a call with me and
one of the outstanding mistresses, so we can provide an intense “you are
there” experience. Your training starts now, cuck, and I’m in charge!

For a cuckold training session with Sir Mathew, call 800-601-6975
Must be 18+
Calls are $ per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card