You’ve been fantasizing about cuckolding for some time now. The idea of your significant other being pounded over and over again right before your eyes.  Your loving partner becoming your naughty minx.

Oh yes, you have stroked and stroked to the idea of this vision. Have you considered that she has fantasized about it as well? Chances are…she has! She wants the feel of a real cock inside her. She longs for true satisfaction.  She wants to be so content she purrs. Can you give that to her, can you lay
your pride to the side and let her receive what is rightfully hers?

Remember that cuckolding is not for the faint of heart. You must open your relationship up to the unknown. He might take her over the edge, and she may never come back.

Do what you can to please her. Lick that pussy and massage that body.  Worship her as she deserves to be worshiped. Time flies when you are
watching her have fun. Don’t shoot your load too quickly boys!

Now that you know this fantasy is not just your own, you must practice.  Practice how you can handle watching this live porn right in front of you.
Think about the idea of her being fucked and you within spitting distance.  Look at her face as she squirms in pleasure.

You have a mission before you, to satisfy her. To let your hand guide you as it strokes your cock and helps another man into your bed. You can’t deny
your fantasy, do not deny hers!

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