I love having a cuckie husband! Too bad you weren’t the more macho man type, you may be able to have me for yourself…but the truth is honey, you do
absolutely nothing for me…although I know that I do PLENTY for you.

I see how hard you get when I walk into a room, nude or not. Unfortunately, you and I both know that I don’t get wet when I see you hard. It saddens me.

That is why I’m glad you enjoy watching me with a real man; one who is worthy of my attention and affection in the bedroom.

My new lover has me cumming again and again. His creative and machismo is overwhelming and I just can’t get enough.

Tell me hubby, what goes through your mind when he has me on my hands and knees and just pounding it in to me.

What do you think about when my legs are hoisted up above my head and I am moaning and screaming for him to go harder…deeper…and give me more.

Oh and what about that time he snuck into our room while we were sleeping together and climbed up on top of me and pounded it in right there…with you
laying right beside us. Could you feel the heat that was coming from both are bodies? I’m sure you did…and I’m sure you were getting just as hot.

I enjoy having my hair pulled, looking you right in the eyes as my lover ravishes me…and what do you like to do during my love-making?

Do you prefer to sit in a corner, in a chair next to the bed. Or did you like it best laying right there beside us?

I’m getting so hot and heavy now, I think I’ll give my lover a call..don’t worry as always I’ll let you watch.

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