I know that is what gets you the most – that sweet tell tale wet spot.

And that is why I wear those second skin silk pink panties, I want you to see it. I want you to know how wet he gets me. Keep your eyes on it when I bend over in front of you. Watch it get darker, bigger as his strong big black hands caress my skin. I wiggle, and your eyes are trained on that spot. My back arches, exposing it to you even more.

You see, I never had that spot with you, did I? Oh, you tried – but pull out the bottle of lube because my juices just weren’t flowing. All that time you thought that it was enough for me. It wasn’t, it never was. The
crotch of my panties were never wet like this, were they?

But that is the past, and now you know what it takes to get me wet like this. And it’s not you. It’s him – and you can’t stop watching.

And you don’t want to – that spot is mesmerizing.