Does cuckolding count if you didn’t see it? Smell it? Know about it? The answer – YES! If your partner is getting satisfied by another and you aren’t around, you are still being cuckolded. I want you to think about this fantasy, you come home early and you find your partner with another man.

Now, put away that anger for a minute and think about how hot it would be. Let your cock stir with the image of her being truly satisfied by another. What were they doing before you dropped in? Did he have her on her back or
bent over the couch? Were her legs up by his shoulders or pressed hard against her chest?

Think about the pure ecstasy that occurs when you realize what is happening. You come home early and find that another is banging away at your partner. Do you stay and watch for the finish? Of course you do! You want nothing else but to see her face, to watch her hit orgasm over and over!

You know that you haven’t been satisfying her. You want her to have that, even if it isn’t from you. You might even start thinking of how you can be more involved…. Should you clean up afterward? Maybe next time you should
be there from the beginning.

Now, I want you to find a quiet spot and start this fantasy in your mind. Imagine walking in the door just a bit earlier than expected. Your partner comes rushing down from the bedroom, hair tussled and in her nightgown…now
listen to the following audio to get the ball rolling!