Sweet, Innocent, and submissive…that’s what you always told to your
friends…about me. HAHA that could not be FURTHER from the truth my dear and
here is the thing…THEY KNOW THAT.

Such a look of shock on your face! Need me to explain? They know what a sex
addict I can be, I’ve fucked them over and over again. They KNOW I’m not
just this sweet, innocent and submissive housewife. I love you dearly and
you know that, but the thing is…I’m not looking for some man

to get it, get
off and get out. I have needs to, needs that need to be fulfilled…and you
just don’t measure up.

Needs that you can’t begin to understand or fulfill because it is not me
that is sweet, innocent and submissive…it’s you.

You are the bitch in this relationship my dear. It is time you stop living
in a world of denial and just accept it.

I have a date tonight with your best friend. (Now there is a man for you!)
He is strong and everything a woman like me would want in the bedroom. A
huge cock, the right moves…leaves me satisfied every time.

You can watch if you want. In fact, I demand you watch. You need t

o know how
a real man should treat a woman. Be prepared to clean up his mess
afterwards. Hell you may have to fluff h

im, suck him, hell maybe even fuck
him…although you will be receiving not giving. Then when he cums all over
me, you clean it up.

Be the good little cuckie you are supposed to be. After all, I deserve it

Of Course I do.