I know you have been gone on your trip for so long honey. Don’t worry, I am keeping myself nice and warm. That’s right – I have had some company over to please me. That’s what you want, isn’t it – for me to have pleasure?

He comes over each morning and takes me. He fills me so deep, he feels so much bigger than that little cock of yours. We’ve done it all over the house. Yes…all over the house – on the countertops, the furniture, even in the bathroom. I love to wrap my arms around his strong back as he brings me
to ecstasy over and over.

I know you want nothing but for me to be happy so I propose that you join in the fun when you get back. You have always been such a good puppet for me. You should take very special care of my new friend. You’ve been aching for some new experiences in the bedroom…why not prep both me and my new friend for our next fuck session! And of course, you would have to clean it all up afterward!

You’ve been trying desperately to please me all these years with only that tongue of yours. Well, now you will have some new ways to use that fabulous tool. I can’t wait for you to feel what a real man tastes like!

Don’t be scared sweetie, being a cuckold will be a whole new avenue of lust for us. We will go on this journey together as you learn that your pleasure is directly related to mine. You have been worshipping me for years – this is just an extra fun way to do it!