You think I’m just a delicate doll who’ll break with the least aggression. But sweety, the truth is you’re far too gentle for me. Truth is I need a man, a real man… not a pussy boy who treats me like I’m glass. I need a man inside me who’ll take me, ravish me, fuck me like I need, like I deserve. Now that you know that hard truth, I’ll tell you what’s going to happen tonight.

I met a man who suits me. Yes, we’ve been fucking behind your back, but since you’re more interested in pampering me than giving me what I need… well, I figured I deserve it. Tonight, he’ll be coming over and you’ll pamper us both. If you’re a good boy, perhaps I’ll let you watch… or not. I’ll leave that up in the air depending on my mood and my lovers. So you better impress us with your eagerness.

I know becoming a cuckold is hard to take. You’ve built yourself up as a pleaser of women simply because you have a skillful tongue. But really, you had to have known I needed more… much, much more. Now I have a chance to indulge my own desires without sneaking around or being fearful. Now I can revel in the lust I’m feeling for him in the bed we share. I think I will let you watch just so you can see how a real man does it… aren’t you a lucky little man?

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