Ummmmmmm…….I stretch like a cat in the bed and open My eyes to find you staring at Me. Your trembling fingers reach out to touch My breasts and a soft moan escapes your lips.

I smile at you, “Good morning! I slept so very well last night! How did you sleep?”

You gasp as you realize that I’m playing with you. Playing with your emotions. Playing with your ego. Playing with the very part that makes you a man … I’m playing with your cock. And, all without even TOUCHING you. I’m playing with your MIND – the most sensitive sex organ of your body.

I whisper, “What’s the matter, baby?” as I stretch out My long legs, dislodging the covers. You can see just a bit of My bare flesh, the soft gentle curve of My waist and just a hint of My pussy mound.

“Are you unable to even speak?” I giggle. “Let Me tell you about him. Tall, dark, and handsome doesn’t even begin to describe him. And, his cock is HUGE. When I first felt him I wasn’t even sure I could get him inside Me. But, baby, I did …. All the way inside Me and he was GREAT! He rode Me so hard and fucked me all the way into next week!”

I see you leaning forward, aching and yearning to see where that strange man had been. You want to see if he’s left his mark on Me and, therefore, on you. Your fingers shake as you draw the sheet back revealing My panties.

And, here is what you find….

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