So you want to be a cuckold… but have you really thought it through? I sure hope so, so I took you at your offer. You’ve been telling me how much you want to see me with another man deep inside me. You’ve been begging me to fuck around on you. You say you want me to have complete satisfaction, so I’ve taken your cuckold fantasy and made it reality. See, I met this guy at the gym the other day and he struck my fantasy. We had coffee after our workouts and I told him all about you. He said he’d be more than happy to take care of things that you weren’t man enough to handle… so I invited him over tonight.

He’ll be here soon, so you better help me get ready. Get out that new lingerie you bought me while you were traveling in Europe. I know I was saving it for a very special occasion… but what could be more special than this? Now run me a bath and be prepared to help me make sure I’m immaculately groomed and ready for his masculine attentions. Dry me off and help me into that filmy lace concoction. I’m sure the both of you will appreciate the visuals. Hook my garters and get on your knees to place those stilettos on me. How do I look?

Oh, there’s the knock at the door! Go answer it, little cuckie. Invite him in, get him a drink… oh and tell him how much you want to see him inside me so he’ll know you’re cool with it. Don’t forget to thank him for doing you such a huge favor….

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