Hello Dear, I thought you might like my new tight-as-skin micro dress. Yes, it does show off every curve, doesn’t it? Well, I will be going out tonight, so don’t wait up. I will wake you when I return. What’s that honey, where am I going? Well, some friends from work asked me out, and you know we have discussed the option of me taking on a lover. You know, honey, because you can’t please me any more. It’s sad, but true. Oh honey, I still love you, I swear I do. *giggles*

Honey, HEY honey, I’m home! Guess what? Yes, I met a great looking manly man at the dance club. He should be here any minute now, so I’m going to tell you how this is going to go.

First, I need for you to dress in those tight little briefs I bought you last week. Yes, the white ones, the ones that show the outline of your tiny package. I do have to show off why I need a lover so desperately, don’t I? Ok, and then I want you to answer the door in those briefs and bring him into our bedroom. Yes, in our bedroom. There I will be in some sexy lingerie, and it’s brand new, so it doesn’t have any of your little cum stains on it.

Ok, then you will leave the room and get the things we need to be comfortable: hot towels, that awesome tasting exotic lube I bought, and champagne, with two glasses. No need for three, since all you’ll be doing is watching.
Bring it all back to our bedroom so that my lover can get comfortable. After he comes out of the shower, you will be ready to do anything he ask you to do, wont you? Now don’t be shocked at his size… it’s what I need to be satisfied. *giggles*

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