msoliviaWe’re lying in bed… side by side… your fingers stroking My luscious body. I sigh. Your pulse quickens as you know that I am thinking about the special fantasy we’ve been playing in recent months.

We’ve talked in bed before about the possibility of Me being with other men and it excites us both… especially when you’re crawling up between My legs and starting to lick Me. I hear you say, “Ohhhh, baby, tell me about the other men you’ve had.” I make you beg, knowing that turns us both on. And, then I start to tell you.

“Well,” I say, “There was this one young man when I was in college… he was a basketball player. And I developed such an interest in…. Ummmmm, basketball. And you know what they say? That black men are so much bigger than white guys. Giggle I found out that it’s TRUE ! At least it certainly was true with that man.”

This is a fun and sexy fantasy but is it “just a fantasy?” And, how do I tell you, my husband, that I really DO want to do it in real life? Should I take you at your word when you tell Me that you want Me to fuck all the men I want? Hmmmmmm. Because, here’s the thing, I DO in fact want to fuck other men. Oh, I adore you, but you’re (giggle)… not exactly ALL that I’m looking for in a man. And, I know other men… many other men… that have so MUCH more to offer Me. Click below to listen, as I proceed to TELL YOU….


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