MsLaurenOh you poor thing! I’ll bet you never thought you’d find yourself here, right outside your bedroom watching in astonishment while your Mistress seduces your wife. She’s so sexy and I know my big strapon can give her just what she needs. See, the two of us have been talking. That was your greatest fantasy and fear, wasn’t it? That we’d get together and compare notes? Did you think you’d been hiding your submissive side to her? Women are complex, we notice nuances that you poor boys don’t even see. I could tell that despite your best efforts to convince me she was satisfied that you were lying. She needs someone much more dominant in her bed than you and guess what? It’s me, your Mistress is the one making a cuckold of you!

Now I know you’re going to get all jealous now that you’ve been relegated to sleeping on the floor while your wife and Mistress make sweet love in your marriage bed. But we have a few concessions to make you a little happier. Yes, on occasion you can watch. And yes, you can continue to pamper the both of us, in fact we require your complete attention. We’ll even let you fluff us for our passionate encounters. Now you can’t complain if we put you in the closet when she’s enjoying her time with my ten inch strapon. You always said you never wanted to see anyone inside her but you… so out of sight, out of mind, right?

But the biggest question of all is what to do with your need for orgasms since you obviously won’t be fucking either one of us. I proposed chastity, but then we both know what a pathetic masturbator you are. I don’t see that changing, so we decided we’ll allow you some edges to keep you horny and compliant. But as for your release… well, let’s just say the juries out on that one. You’ll have to work hard to please us if you want to cum again, little cuckold.


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