MsAnn Yes darling I love you after all these years. It’s been a great 10 years, and I look forward to the next 10. What’s not to love about you? You’ve been a great provider, my best friend, my confident, and your sense of humor has always kept me laughing. I love everything about you. Well, almost everything about you. I know when we got married that we would never keep secrets from each other, and I think its time that I share this with you. You have been so many wonderful things to me, and as I said earlier, I do love you. BUT, I have never been satisfied with our sex life. Don’t look so shocked darling! It feels good to get this off My chest, I have to admit that you have NEVER made me orgasm. I know, I know, the truth hurts, but it’s time that you know. That little dicky just isn’t orgasm material. It doesn’t fill me up, and it certainly can’t hit me in all the right spots.

I crave REAL COCK. I have fantasized of having a well endowed black lover. Oh so many times when I have been alone, and played with Myself, I have thought about being fucked by a big black bull. I have visulazied it, dreamed it, and craved it. It’s time darling, time for Me to be fucked by a REAL MAN. I have been patient long enough, denied myself the luxury of being fucked like a women should be fucked. What am I saying? What I’m saying darling, is that for this marriage to continue to work, I am going to need a real man with a REAL cock. You can either choose to participate or I will do it on My own. My pussy will no longer suffer your worthless little peanut. I have taken the liberty of buying you a pocket pussy. If you want pussy you will fuck it from now on, but My pussy is off limits to you!


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