MsLaurenI really didn’t expect you to come home from work early and catch me like that. I was going to reveal I’d made a cuckold of you this weekend, I really was… but now you know. It’s been going on for months now. How can you blame me? You were the one who kept going on and on about how well built he is. When we were at the block pool party last month, you couldn’t stop staring at his six pack and the prints of his cock through his trunks. You kept telling me he was staring at me… I want to thank you for that. I’m so oblivious to such things I might never have noticed.

Don’t worry, we won’t let it get out. It would be a scandal if everyone knew your best friend and next door neighbor was banging your hotwife, wouldn’t it? So we’re all going to keep our mouths shut. Besides, everyone knows you aren’t the most masculine of men. I get looks of sympathy all the time because they all know I’m tied to an under endowed man. He’s over here all the time anyway, so who’s going to notice if we’re attached at the hip, huh? So forget your embarrassment. I know this is what you’ve secretly wanted for a long, long time.

Remember all those fantasies you shared with me about how you’d love to see me with another man? I told you then I would if we could find someone I could trust. Who better than your best friend? So you’ve always wanted to be cuckolded… Now you’ve got your chance. Aren’t you a lucky little cuckie?


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