It started with your wife refusing to have sex with you. She makes excuses to avoid sleeping with you, or maybe she avoids fucking you and any contact with your penis. She might let you go down on her and make her cum. If she doesn’t, she soon will be. At any rate, you finally get up the nerve to ask why she isn’t putting out and her response sounds something like, “I’m just not in the mood,” or maybe she out right tells you that you don’t please her.

You have also noticed she dresses very sexy whenever she goes out with her friends, and even to go to work perhaps. If you ask why she dresses so provocatively just to go to work, she might tell you that she wants to look her best for her lunch with the boss. She is spending a lot of time lately taking long lunches with him and working late, just the two of them. You can tell yourself that she is just trying to get the boss to notice her and then her work, or maybe she just enjoys the attention. But there’s more; she is just so flirty everywhere she goes these days.

It’s time to confront her, ask her if something is going on. And you did, when she got home late last night. You asked, “Are you fucking your boss?”and her response was to take off her skirt and panties and demand that you lay back on the bed. Once on your back, she climbed up on your face and lowered her warm, wet labia down onto your mouth… “Do you taste that? That is the taste of what is to come.”

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