MsLaurenHi Sweety, of course I’ll pick you up at the airport. You’ve been away a long, long time and we have lots to talk about? Oh you’re nervous to hear I want to talk? Well, don’t worry. I’m not leaving you or kicking you out, but you knew when you married me I had special needs, needs a man who’s away two weeks out of the month can’t provide. Don’t worry, I’m not going to sleep with your friends. I’ve actually hired myself a house boy… with your money, of course.

Don’t look so surprised. I told you when you got the promotion I wasn’t happy you were traveling so much. I asked you not to take it. I need sex every night, you know. And it’s not that you’re bad at it, it’s just you’re never there. So my new boy will be serving me while you’re away. It won’t take a thing in the world away from you, well other than making you a cuckold husband. But he’s not even in your league, baby. He’s young, dumb and has loads of stamina… and spunk. Plus he likes to experiment. We’ve tried so many things while you were on your trip.

Why yes, I have already fucked him, many times, all over the house. What? That excites you? You want to hear all the dirty details, don’t you? I’ll tell you what, we’ll make a deal. I keep my bull stud and I’ll call you a couple of times a week while he’s inside me. I’ll let you hear him pounding me, let you hear me moaning with the pleasure he provides. And if you’re a good boy, I might even let you stroke yourself…


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