msjosephinePractice makes perfect, and nothing is more frustrating then a cuck out of sync. I can teach a cuck how to perfectly suck a cock; however, if he doesn’t keep his mouth and jaws limber and in use, he can quickly lose his expert cock sucking skills. It’s the same for his whore hole, mangina or man pussy. Therefore my cucks must practice technique daily. I have a very detailed regime for my cock sucking cuckie sluts. In this lesson this regime is outlined.

Cock Sucking – You must have a realistic dildo with balls. The cock must be at least 8 inches. To help with gag reflex I suggest you daily brush the back of your tongue with a toothbrush. Use both sides and work your way back as deeply possible until you can comfortable deep throat. Get a dildo with a suction cup so you can attach it to a mirror or wall and practice being on your knees sucking for up to 30 min.

Mangina/ Whore Hole – Keep this filthy whore hole clean. You never know when you’re going to get fucked, therefore you need to douche that Mangina daily. When you are done, place a water soluble lube such as Astroglide on a butt plug, insert and leave for one hour per day. Each month you increase the size by ½ inch. You start with a small ½ inch diameter and work your way up. When you get to 2 inches you stay there until further notice. It’s not a bad idea to invest in an inflatable butt plug. It vibrates and changes in size. It can make your training easier.

You should also listen to the audio for a few cock sucking techniques.


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