msolivia“Oh no, you haven’t seen THIS outfit before.”

“Hmmmmm ….You think it’s sexy? …. Well, yes, of course it’s sexy and I feel VERY sexy in it. Where am I going?” Giggle “Wouldn’t you like to know.” I step closer to you, my spike heels clicking on the hardwood floor.

“Hmmmmm, you tell Me that you think My outfit is sexy, but how can I really tell?” I reach out to touch the front of your pants. “There’s just not much there to give ANY indication of arousal. Oh, I know there’s nothing YOU can do about the sad little dick of yours but, frankly, I’m used to Real Men so… I’m going out. Don’t wait up, little man.”

Hours later, My lover and I are in the entranceway. I glance over My lover’s shoulder to see you sneaking down the stairs. I shift the angle of our bodies so we are sideways. You watch as I guide his hands up under My dress. You get a very clear view of my lovely ass… and an even clearer view of a Real Man’s cock.

His cock is right there, rock hard, leaning on the outside of My thigh, facing you as you crouch on the stairs trying to make yourself even smaller than you already are. My hands stroke that nice big, thick cock… I reach under and stroke his balls….

And then I start to chuckle… he starts to laugh too. We both turn and look right at you. I point right at your crotch, your hand inside the funny little flap in the front of your pajamas …. Hahahahahaha

Why are we laughing? Find out.


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