MsKendraIt’s been a hard past few weeks, huh? You’ve patiently waited for me to want to play with it. You probably think tonight is the night. Of course you do. But I do have a surprise waiting for you. When you come home the lights will be dimmed and the candles lit. I had you make the bed with fresh sheets, and fluff the pillows. I have you get out the lube and you discover it’s a new bottle. It’s one those heated lubes you’ve been eying at the store.

You’re getting excited now; you think you’ll get a present. See, ever since you let me in on your little secret I haven’t let you play, have I? You told me how excited you got when you thought of our neighbor with me. When I finally gave in to your pleas and took him into the bedroom with us, I never dreamed of what I would be getting. You couldn’t stop watching as his big, hard nine-inch cock pounded me, in a way you never could. I even made you stand next to him so I could measure the difference. Your cock was so tiny and pathetic next to his giant dick. I remember how you stood in the corner stroking your pathetic excuse for a penis as a real man made me moan and scream like you never heard before.

Do you remember the way I rode his cock as I came? Is that what you think will happen tonight? That I might ride your cock like I did his? No, of course not. You know deep down you were lucky that I hadn’t discovered how tiny and pathetic your cock really was. Now I know you’re only good to use. You pay all the bills and watch your wife being fucked by the neighbor’s cock. You can’t help but stroke your cock and imagine me screaming on yours. You have to stand in the corner and watch as you see me cum for another man. Of course if you’re a good little boy you might get your surprise at the end. Can you see it now? Listen to me describe how good his cock feels compared to your pathetic excuse for one.


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