MsMelanieWe’ve been dating for a month… you are confident that I am your woman. It is our first intimate night together, and we are cuddled in bed after making love. I was disappointed in the size of your penis and the large gap in the condom around your tip, but not really surprised. The tiny peak in your pants gave you away the first time we met. But that’s okay, for as long as you worship me as your Goddess and buy me anything I want, it’s worthwhile for me to spend some spare time with you.

While we lie there in each other’s arms, a tall man walks into the bedroom wearing just his briefs. He looks familiar to you; you think you have seen him in passing in the elevator, and he has always chuckled down at you. You jump up as he enters the room, prepared to protect me from this intruder. I stay relaxed and smile widely, greeting him with my arms wrapped around his broad shoulders. As you watch, he climbs into bed between us and I order you onto your knees on the floor. In shock, but also surprisingly turned on, you comply. My lover, as you now realize him to be, moves to sit on the edge of the bed. I order you to pull down his briefs and suck him. You again comply and are happy and excited that I’m pleased.

When my lover is at his longest and hardest, he pushes aside your face and climbs on top of me as you watch, still on your knees on the floor. He fucks me hard, no condom, as you watch, mesmerized. You have finally been treated as you deserve, and you will never be the same again.

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