msvivianHello, darling stroker boys! I don’t know about you, but I am SO ready for some nasty fun this weekend!

My cuckold boys will be happy to know that MILF Mistress Viv has an early supper date with a tasty young man who flirted w/ me at the Black Jack tables last week. Leaving the decision of where to sup up to me, I had him make reservations at the only white tablecloth eatery in town. He is naturally nervous, knowing I am married to the burly bald fellow, playing 1st base – but he was too intrigued not to call the number I penned on my handkerchief and tucked in his shirt pocket.

Of course you know dear ones, that as the Mistress of the House, I pick and choose not only roy’s playmates – but reserve the right to hump whomever I wish. Not being a slut… like the rest of you, there will be no dirty macking on the 1st date, but I know I won’t be able to resist teasing him with stocking clad leg- and pressing up against his hard manhood. Yes, of course it will be hard – so hard a cat couldn’t scratch it. I just KNOW.


There is nothing like a few hours of close up flirting to get a Woman turned on. Add to it a corner table at a near empty back station… it’s so easy to get cozy and play some footsie under the long and pristine white table covering. He will be unaware that I am wearing only pantyhose under my slim skirt. Unaware that his charm and light touches have the cotton crotch of my stockings soaking wet.

I wonder if there will be that perfect moment to gauge his kinkiness. Perhaps I will lean in and whisper something nasty to him, over our shared desert and watch his reaction. I wonder would happen if I whispered this to you … (Click The Banner, Tasty Boy)


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