kara-cuckYou are no longer the man of the house.  You don’t even have the right to sleep in that huge king size bed that is in the Master bedroom. You have been re-assigned.  That’s right…  You have no rights in this house any longer!  Your cot is in the basement, and that’s where you shall remain living. You will never make any decisions in this house, because you are no longer the man of the house. Actually, you aren’t a man any longer. You are a CUCKOLD. That’s right. A pathetic, tiny-dicked, sad excuse of a man. I will never fuck you again. Never!  I have found a real man. He is SUCH a man and has the cock of a real man. His cock is thick, long and shiny.  I love the way his cock stretches my mouth when I suck it. It takes two hands to hold it up while I lick it. Yours took two fingers.  I love the way he fucks me.  I never made those noises when you “attempted” to fuck me.  You don’t deserve me.  You will continue to work, my pathetic excuse of a husband and bring ME your check. You will pay the bills, clean the house and have my bed prepared for me and my new lover.  If you are a good boy and do all your chores, I may just allow you to watch.  Maybe you need to learn how a real man does it.  This is just the beginning.  We will discuss what your future holds.


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