mslilahI have a secret I need to tell you.  Remember last week when you came home early and I was just getting ready to go into the shower?  You caught me naked and asked why I looked so hot and that I had that “just fucked look”?  Remember, you wanted to go down on me right then and there in the bathroom and I tried to get you to stop, telling you know, that I had been working in the yard and was all hot and sweaty, you kept saying I smelled great and kept rubbing your cock against me, trying to excite me, trying to get me to let you go down on me and lick me dry?  Well the reason I didn’t was because I had just gotten fucked by someone.  You see, your boss came by to talk to you about your poor progress at work and I ended up fucking him just so you could keep your job.  Don’t look so shocked, you don’t really think your poor work ethics was what got you the raise in pay he gave you today, do you?
Yes, I know about the raise, it was me that got it for you; I had to not only fuck him but also the CEO of the company to get you that 10%.  Don’t worry; they were very happy to give it to you, especially once I told them they could come by anytime and have their way with me, even if you were here.  So guess what?  Both were here today and both filled up my pussy with loads of hot cum and my darling, it is time you really earned that raise, so to start, you can get down between my legs and start licking me clean, let’s see what a good job you do and if you really do well, I will let you watch when they come back later this evening, actually, I may even let you fluff for me if you are a really good cum whore.  Now get between my legs and lick, show me just how good you can do, then click below, I will see if you are man enough to cum for me.


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