cuckbootpiclaurenOh sweety, you brought me a gift! What a thoughtful gift from my loving husband… loads of sexy lingerie from Agent Provocateur. Too bad you’ll never, ever get to make love to me in it! But you knew that when you bought it. All the silk and lace is for another man, a man who can satisfy me in ways you never could. Baby, I know you try to please me with your mouth because you’re so obviously inadequate, but it’s just not the same. But at the very least I’ll model it for you… you can help me select the perfect pieces to wear tonight for my lover.

Yes, he’s coming over tonight, so I expect you to be on your best behavior. Your mission as my cuckold includes seeing our drinks are full, that the lights are low and the music is sultry and throbbing, just like me. I want you to place that plush pillow in the corner so you can watch me with him. You’ll be available for our every need. You’ll watch him undressing me, revealing that gorgeous lingerie you bought me. He’s unwrapping a present, your present to me, the real one. You’ve gifted me by becoming my cuckold… you’re smart enough to realize it’s the only way to truly keep me happy.

If you’re a good boy, I’ll let you lap at my sore, aching pussy when he’s finished. I’ll gift you right back with the taste of my lust (and his!) on your tongue. Now help me get ready, we have a long night ahead of us. Listen to the recording for your final instructions.


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