mslilahLooking back now you realized it started so innocently. Just talking in bed during sex, just a fantasy that turned into a role-play then it went just a bit further.  You never expected it to escalate to what it has become, you sleeping in the spare room, someone else sharing your room with your very own wife……. Recalling now, I am sure you didn’t realize that such playful talk would ever lead to this.  One minute talking about someone joining you in bed as you played with the dildo that was much larger than your cock.  Moving it in and out of your wife’s pussy as you licked her clit and even sucked on the dildo when coaxed by her, both of you getting so turned on and having such amazing orgasms that you wanted to keep pushing it a bit further.

The two of you talk, you decide how hot it would be to watch her tease and turn on other guys while you watch so the two of you decide to go out to a club, you sit at the bar and your hot sexy wife, dressed like a little slut takes many boys onto the dance floor, teasing, grinding moving her ass into their crotch, getting them hot and heavy then leaving them there on the dance floor, coming back to you and the two of you going home and having wild, hot sex like you never had before while you discussed how hot it made them boys and you to watch her in action.

That was then, now you sit in the closet, jerking off your dick while she is in your bed with not one but two of those sexy, hot guys she danced with tonight.  You have never seen her looked so turned on, never have you heard her beg for cock like she is right now, never have you just sat and jerked your dick and watched her getting filled with cock that was twice the size as yours.  Now you think, how far will it go, what will she ask for next, you notice her smiling at you as she licked one of their cocks, you know that look, you know she will have you doing that for her soon.  Then you remember what you heard before.  “Be careful what you ask for, you just may get it” You want to cum but you know you must wait, wait until given permission.  Click below and see if you deserve to cum.


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