MsCassandraEventually the cuckold boy is going to have to rethink the living situation of his beautiful trophy wife, her well hung and dominant new lover, and last and very least, you. The spare bedroom must be cleaned out and re-decorated because this is your new residence. Randy, Derrick, or whatever his name is will be moving into the “master” bedroom. How exciting for you! At least you are not thrown out for the sake of big-dicked sex. Whats-his-name, now referred to as “the stud” from now on, will never make the money you make, and your wife has been very spoiled by you. She so deserves it. You knew that from the beginning. She’s stunning next to you and everyone knows that she married you for your success and money. If you didn’t have that going for you, she would have run after she discovered that teenie weenie you have. Maybe you don’t have a teenie weenie. Maybe it’s the fact that you are submissive and she prefers a dominant male. Whatever the reason, you will be moving down the hall.

You will shop for a twin bed because the spare room is small. She may become more dominant and decide to arrange a sissy decor. This depends on your dynamic. Maybe it just doesn’t matter. The important thing is several nights a week, she may arrange for you to watch, even participate. You can help out by feeding that cock into her mouth or pussy. You may help by sucking his cock if she is tired. You may be so lucky to sleep at the foot of the bed. Then you will be lucky to get the cream pie, licking her pussy clean of all of hers and his cum after they have had hot sex.

So get your shopping in order and at least make a pleasant environment of your new living situation.


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