I love the idea of a traditional marriage; a loving husband with a great career, beautiful home and all the free time I need to pamper myself. Our neighbors and friends are envious of our life. We are the perfect couple.

After a long hard day you come home from work. You enter the house, put your brief case down, and remove your clothes down to your cute, pink, ruffled rumba panties. You adjust the chastity device. You’ve been locked away, unable to cum for over two weeks. Your balls ache and you heart races… tonight is the night!

You go down the hall into the master suite. I am lying on the bed dressed in lingerie. Lying next to me is my lover:  tall, dark and handsome, but most importantly – well hung. You notice that he has the key to your lock around his neck. It’s his decision when and how you can cum. You kneel at the foot of the bed, lower your head and wait for your next instruction.

I order you to suck his cock. “Get that cock nice and hard for me, little man.” You suck the way you’ve been taught, feeling him grow in your mouth waiting for him to be fully erect. I mount his monster cock, reversed cowgirl,with my ass towards his face.  You hold his cock, guiding it as it disappears into my pussy. As I ride him I pull your face to my clit. “Drink me.” My pussy ejaculates all over your face.  My pussy is on fire as I ride that huge cock until finally he shoots deep inside of me. I push your shoulders down onto the bed, climb off my lover and smother your face with my cream-filled pussy.

My lover gets up, pulls down your panties and unlocks your tiny cock. It’s time for your milking. How will we allow you to cum? Listen to the recording to find out.


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