MsMelanieYou didn’t know you were a cuckold, did you? You’ve been married all those years, 15 to be exact, when suddenly one night during a romantic dinner out your wife tells you she is sleeping with someone else. “I’m fucking a man,” were her exact words, implying that you are other than a man. It’s her ballroom dance instructor and she’s been banging him for a year.

You haven’t really noticed a change, since you’ve been unable to get hard for a while. You know you should be furious at this news, but it strangely excites you. Stunned by your confusion, you don’t speak for the rest of the evening, but that night in bed you feel more amorous than you have in years. You push your face between her legs and suck, deeply, hoping to get a taste of something different … another man’s cum, perhaps? For days after, you badger your slut wife for details about her lover, and their sex, visualizing him on top of her, pounding her like a screen door in a hurricane. Suddenly your stale old marriage takes on a whole new meaning.

So now, when she is “working late” you secretly hope they are together, and you sit in the bathroom dreaming about it, stroking your pathetically soft, five-inch cock. When the phone rings and you answer to a hang up, you get excited, wondering what dirty words he would have whispered to your wife if she had answered, instead of you. It would even be okay if he just asked for her, demanded her, wouldn’t it.

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