mslilahI have something to tell you.  I have been talking to a few of my friends about sex and of course they wanted to know how our sex life was.  Well I didn’t lie, I told them that the only way that I have ever reached an orgasm is when you use your tongue or you use my vibrator, that I have never been able to reach an orgasm during vaginal sex.  They just could not believe it and they started asking me questions.  They asked about what you did during intercourse and I had to tell the truth, I told them that you just barely placed your penis into the opening of my pussy and you started to cum, they asked if it had always been this way and of course I told them yes, since it has been.  Well they laughed and told me I needed a real man and that they knew one and would set me up with him.  They said there was no need for me to worry about you as you could not satisfy me in the bedroom then you should not care if someone else did.  Well I decided they must be right, especially after talking to them about what it should feel like to have a man deep inside you and how amazing an orgasm would feel.

So remember last week when I went away with the girls?  Well, I didn’t go away with the girls, you see, they fixed me up with this guy that they knew.  All of them have had sex with him before and everyone of them bragged on how well he took care of them.  After spending the weekend with him, I now can understand why.  You see darling, you did nothing for me.  I got more satisfaction from my finger than I did your cock, and now that I have had a real man fuck me I am never going to be happy with letting you touch me, let alone fuck me.

So guess what, my new friend is going to move in, you got it.  He is going to sleep in our bed while you sleep on the couch and one more thing, you will pay him to sleep with me, I mean, he is doing a job for you, isn’t he?  Making me happy when you can’t?  Now quit whining, get down on your knees and clean out my dirty pussy, you see, he is coming over and I don’t have time to fix dinner, get your fill, this is all you are going to get…… Lick away, enjoy the fruits of his labor, clean me good!  Now you ask if you can cum?  Click below and find out!


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