msjosephineI am a cuckoldress and seductress.  I believe I was born to be a woman of leisure and pleasure. A goddess diva entitled to minions ready to serve my pleasure.  It’s a tough job being a sexual diva but someone has to do it, right? Who better than I should reap pleasure from those needing so badly to give? 

I am a size Queen. I am a woman that needs the fullness of a nice meaty cock inside of me. My pussy gets wet thinking about 9 inches buried deep inside of me, pounding my vagina until it squirts. I love having a well trained cuck at my clit ready to lap up any fluids that come from me and my well hung lover.   The suckling sounds of his mouth drinking, devouring and ingesting the proof of our passion. It is the sexual elixir that flows from our hot bodies.  All poured into his mouth…melting down his throat. 

I love a man in panties that adores me so much that he trembles when he hears my moans and screams of pleasure.  He knows that he can never measure up and yet he adoringly serves waiting for even the smallest of pleasure; a chance to see his Goddess orgasm over and over again. A chance to taste her well fucked pussy and drink the seed of her lover.   I love it when he sucks Bull cock not because he loves cock but because he wants that cock to give me pleasure. He perfectly prepares the meaty jewel and then delivers it to me. 

When I wake up my cuck is still there, waiting on me hand a foot. Like a faithful dog he cherishes any morsel of attention I give him. He moans, he cries and he sacrifices his entire manhood simply for my pleasure.

Now kneel at the foot of the bed. Close your eyes and imagine me lying there completely naked. My pussy is wet and hungry. It needs a big cock but you can’t help me. Feel the yearning, humiliation and desire to fluff a nice big juicy cock for me. 


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