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Oh, oh, oh! Yes, I’m a sexy, young,and very tall 5’11 Princess. You imagine: being married to me as you are well off, you are a tiny dicked cuckold, you accept my infidelities, you enjoy the cuckold lifestyle. All of these. What the reality is, I will train you how to be a cuckold because there is no way I would ever meet such a pin dicked male. My alpha boyfriend would never allow it for one, and why would I anyways?

Here are some lessons for you though. Girls like me enjoy your humiliation. so we give you some assignments on how to accept the fact that you are inadequate. Ready?

Accept the fact that you are small cocked. The first assignment is to buy a penis extension to put your little dicky, that is sooooooo totally humiliating isnt it??? Now if your wife accepts it, look at the facial expressions. It’s probably a bored and let’s get it over with look..right? Chances are she’s thinking of someone with a much bigger dick. Ask her. It may get your little dick harder.

Now make an effort to find her the perfect lover. Ask her who that could be after a few glasses of wine. You will be surprised how easy she will open up. If she does open up, here comes the real assignment…lol..Where will you find the perfect male for her? One of my callers goes to ‘the dark cavern” chat room for big black dicks. Mmmmmm…she may like big white dicks. the gym? You have LOTS of legwork to do cucky. The thing is communication. If cuck doesnt want communication, then the cuck will have to live inside of his head and call me for a fantasy, right?


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