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We’ve been married for almost a year now and even though we never have sex anymore, you’re completely devoted to me; your goddess.  In fact, you love taking me shopping and out to expensive dinners and shows, don’t you?  Just the other day we spent hours at Victoria’s Secret shopping for new lingerie.  I had so much fun seeing your reaction to some of the kinky things I tried on.  You were adorable; so eager to buy anything I wanted.  
I suppose it’s time to start your cuckold training.  I think you knew that eventually it would come to this, didn’t you?  We aren’t having sex anymore and I’ve told you it’s not that I don’t love you.  You just don’t satisfy me.  I need more.  I need a real man.  I need someone to fulfill all my sexual desires and frankly darling, you don’t do that for me.

Starting today you will begin your training.  I bought you a chastity tube and you will wear it whenever I’m not here.  I don’t want you jacking off while I’m out getting my pussy pumped full of real cock.  That would just not do.  You will be home, locked up and completely unable to do anything about it.  You will help me dress for my dates and naturally I’ll be wearing all that sexy lingerie you bought for me.  Don’t start whining, this is only the beginning.

If you’re a good boy and you do as you’re told, I may find ways of rewarding you.  I may let you entertain me orally when I come home, would you like that?  Yes, I thought so.

Alright then, you’re locked up and I’m dressed for the night.  Don’t wait up, darling.  
Hours later…..  *Listen to the audio* 


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