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She says she’s tired of your cock. She’s tired of what a sloppy lover you are. She’s tired of having to wipe up and shower after someone has cum inside her. What are you going to do, little man? She’s so disgusted by it she doesn’t even want another man inside her. That’s right.  No more men. No more cocks so large they put yours to shame. No need to provide one man after another in an effort to meet her seeming insatiability. The reason why your wife can’t be satisfied isn’t because she’s a nympho — its because men can’t satisfy her.

But I can.

Yes, you heard me. I can. I am a woman, and I know how to please a woman.  Especially your woman, little cuckold. I know how to arouse her mind and her body. I know how to make her flesh leap to my hand, to my flogger, and onto my strap-on. She’s a bitch in heat and she wants to be tamed, needs to be tamed, and none of you have what it takes. I do, however. I am a genuine 100% real FemDom with a talent for lesbian cuckoldry. I know how to create a space that even your wife is willing to let go in, to relinquish control and succumb to the need not to dominate, but to be dominated. I am here now, little cuck, and I’m going to do things to your wife that you’ve never considered in your wildest, most depraved imaginings. I am going to make your wife moan, pant, scream, cry, writhe, and beg, and when she is completely limp and can barely speak above a whisper, I will turn my attention to you. Whether you wilt under my gaze or cum just from being addressed by me remains to be seen. But once I’ve satisfied her — it will be your turn to satisfy me. Be prepared to get on your knees, boy — this strap-on FemDom just might saddle your ass up and take it for a ride.


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