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Well hello there, little cuckold husband! And when I say “little,” you and I, well, we both know damn good and well that I mean that in more than one way. You are the beta male and you are so because you have a little penis, right little cuckold hubby? And, since your pathetic little pud is so small that you could, and probably do, wear a pretty pair of silky panties, and no one would even notice that you are a so – called “man” with a cock, right cucky boy? So, I think that it would be a really good exercise for you to head over to Victoria’s Secret and have a little cuckold adventure. Or should I say, a pre – cuckold adventure! Oh, and you don’t just have to go to a Victoria’s Secret, you can go to just about any lingerie store, really. You should pick out the sexiest bra and panty set, and, if you can afford it, the most expensive! Your hot wife deserves it, doesn’t she? She’s so hot and brings you so much cuckold pleasure that she should have the prettiest, most expensive and best lingerie around, right, little cuckold hubby? I think it would be really sweet if you and your hot wife had matching bra and panties! You could be like the hot wife and cuckold twinkies! How cool is that? So, make sure you are going to give her the very best and make her feel super special. Then I want you to…


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