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Here you are again, sitting home alone, jerking off your useless dick and wondering what your wife is doing.  I can guarantee you that she is having a much better time than you are.  She has told you over and over that you do not make her happy in bed.  That not only do you not have what it takes to satisfy the longing that she has been having but she has told you over and over that you don’t measure up to men she has had in the past.  How does that make you feel, to know she has been with lovers that were much more capable in the bedroom than you were?  She finally told you the truth because for so long she kept it a secret. She would have sex with you and you were never able to get her off, she would fake it, just to make you happy,  then she would lay there waiting until you feel asleep , hearing your shallow breathing, your snoring before she would get out her huge dildo and make herself cum, not letting you know she had been faking it all this time, never wanting to hurt  your feelings.  

That is until the night you were awaken by her moans and groan.  After the shock of seeing her take that huge dildo and hearing her in a state of arousal you have never seen or heard  her in before you  and her talk  and she finally admits she has never gotten off by fucking you, you have never made her feel like the others she has been with in the past, she loves you but sex sucks and not in a good way.

You love her so what you do want to make her happy and since you know you cant you send her out with a real man.  That was some time ago, now you sit there waiting, still again.  She is out again, with a man that knows how to make her cum and one you have seen her with many times in the past.  He is fucking your wife like you never could, he makes her cum time and time again and when she gets home she will tell you just how great things were tonight.  How she sucked and fucked him like there was no tomorrow.  How every inch of him slid into her and made her cum harder than she ever has with you.  She is home, she comes in and you help her undress as you see her smile, you notice the glow in her eyes and you smell the scent of another man on her, you climb up between her legs as she spreads them and you began to lick and taste her while she tells you about her evening of pure, wild, passionate sex she had experienced.  The more she talks, the deeper you lick.  You know your place but will she let you cum once you have finished cleaning up the mess from a real man? 


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