Cuckolding really is the ultimate form of tease and denial, isn’t it?  You’re certainly teased and I just love the denial part – especially when someone else is getting what I’ve denied you!  This is the Empress Catherine and I have a dilemma.  I just can’t decide what I like best about making you my little cuckie boy.  Perhaps it’s the look on your face when you see who I’ve brought home with me.  What kind of stranger – how young, how handsome, how virile?  And that’s another thing. Which delivers the most exquisite torment – me fucking a total stranger or one of your best friends?  See what I mean? Another dilemma.  Of course I also like the look on your face when I show you what I expect you to be wearing when I get home with my latest conquest. Not to mention when you see what I’M going to be wearing.  Don’t make a face, darling, and don’t whine otherwise you won’t be allowed to watch and you certainly won’t be allowed to masturbate in front of me and my lover after we’re finished. Of course I wouldn’t want you to think that I go to all this trouble only to torment you.  No – of course not!  I do it because I love being fucked by a man who really knows what he’s doing – a man who can thrill and satisfy me – and I know that deep in your heart of hearts, you only want what’s best for me, so surely that includes the best cock, the best orgasms?  I know you want me to have all the things that YOU can’t give me.  

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