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So you really think you can please me, huh? Why would you think that? Did you satisfy your first wife? Of course not. Now she’s running around town telling tales about your sexual inadequacy. I did find it quite amusing when she called me. I’d only just begun dating you when she called to warn me how much you needed to be cuckolded. It was before our third date, that critical one when males know they might just get lucky. But you didn’t, did you? In fact you never have. And it’s not going to be any different now that you’ve put a ring on my finger. Yes, I know it’s our honeymoon… but we are going to the Islands… didn’t you suspect I had strange cock on my mind?

What did she tell me? She told me you liked to watch her with big bull studs who dwarfed your small penis with their giant cocks. She told me how you’d kneel between her legs when they finished and sucked her steaming pussy clean… and she told me how you’d fluffed them for her, sliding your hot little mouth down, down on those huge pricks, slobbering and dripping in your pink lacy panties. So after all that, I’m sure you’re wondering why I went ahead and married your sorry ass, right? Well, it’s simple really. I’ve been waiting for a man who’d let me do anything I wanted, who’d jump when I said how high… and who’d suck cock on my command and clean up sloppy seconds.

Look how stiff you are, darling… it’s poking out the front of your tightie whities. So funny! Oh, my stud’s here, be a dear and answer the door. We’ll be flying out tomorrow and I want to make my wedding night a night to remember. So go let in your stunt cock, then go kneel by the bed. I’ll be needing your services really soon.


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