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What does it mean to be a cuckold? Cuckolds are voyeuristic visually and mentally. To develop these tendencies to the absolute maximum, cucks should download plenty of boy on girl porn and visualize their wives or girlfriends with the large dicked stud. If you have an interracial fantasy, if you have a small cock, if you have a certain scenario that makes you hard, then seek this out . I suggest doing a web search for the type of club you like. Recently I talked to a cuck who belongs to a black men for cucks and their girlfriends club. Everyone is constantly tested for std, and the club meets several times a month. Initially, pictures and e-mails are sent out for a prefered stud and an attractive sexy cuckold’s wife. Your picture is secondary. No one cares what you look like, how heavy you are, how bald you are, but a small cock is often very humiliated and ridiculed. Much of a cuck’s fantasy revolves around standing next to a huge hung male with a raging hard on, as he views your wife whom he’s about to fuck, like you never can or will. The comparison of the two cocks, sometimes filmed or photographed leaves cucky with endless jack off material.

Cucky may have a bi-sexual thing going on as well. They often do. Imagining sucking the cum out of her and then cleaning his dick up after. Imagining fluffing his cock before he enters her to an out and out blow job while she watches the both of you and cheers you on. It may come down to you being fucked in the ass because she needs a cigarette break.

Here is your assignment: find that porn and visualize your wife under this stud. Present the fantasy to your wife, then find a club where you can mingle and meet the stud of your dreams. If you’re lucky enough, maybe he can move in with you and take over the whole household. 


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