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A big hello to all of my, oh so not worthy cuckolds out there. Tell me –  have you missed your drill sergeant? I know the answer to that question already. Attention! Now we have alot of hard work ahead of us today in preperation for when the time comes that you are actually included with your wife or girlfriend and her stud bull! For todays session you will need a butt plug, dildo and some lube. If it is a vibrating butt plug all the better to tease you with my grunt! Undress totally, I want you naked as the day you were born! Lube up buttplug and turn on to medium speed. Tease that pussy ass now you little butt slut. Dream of that studs cock entering you should you be lucky enough! Tempt it, tease it, really make that ass of yours yearn for it. Now begin penetration. Once inside, grab dildo and start sucking on it as if you were fluffing for your gorgeous, sexy, ever so randy lady! Show off for her and demonstrate just how far down you can suck that sexy beast of a man! Excellent, now remove butt plug and lube up dildo. Work just the head first and then begin to beg for each inch that follows. I mean beg out loud you slut! Profess your love for your wife and the fact that she is still even with you! Beg her to go out and find bigger and better cocks that you will never compare to!  Mistress Ashley has spoken!


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