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How did it feel, cucky, to be allowed to kneel on the floor beside the bed and watch a real man pleasure me? To have that evidence in your face that your teeny weenie is only good for small penis humiliation? You see, now that I actually let you see what it looks like when I am having fun, it sort of puts things in perspective for you, doesn’t it?

This is why you get to pay when I go out, pet. This is why you buy me presents, and send me on vacations. Not because of him, but because your cash is all you have to offer me! You certainly can not please me with that pathetic piece of flesh. There is, of course, the entertainment you provide when you call and I can engage in some phone humiliation. It’s not quite as exciting for you as it is to be part of my real life cuckolding, where you may have the opportunity to enjoy some yummy warm cream pie, but certainly some naughty chat with your masturbation mistress can give you half of the ingredients for that treat! Of course, that is only if I decide you deserve that orgasm. Obviously, you have to earn that release, and if you don’t, well, you know you may just get dismissed with a delightful case of blueballs until I decide you deserve release. And who knows when that will happen!

Well, since you don’t have the opportunity to kneel beside me, we shall have to make due with your imagination, pet. Imagine the smooth skin of my thighs, the curve of my hips….all those things you won’t have, won’t enjoy…until it’s time to perform your cucky duties for me, and clean that sweet nectar from my loins…or not!
Dream on, pet…..


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